About Us

Slow Iceland is a family company that started in January 2018. Our goal is to help you in making your trip to Iceland an unforgettable experience by providing the best possible services and to make your stay in Iceland as good as possible.

I started this company with one thing in mind, to promote a real alternative to the speed which I believe modern tourism is suffering from.  By offering tours that focus on getting to know one or two areas well over a period of days instead of rushing ahead to the next stopover each night, I believe that YOU will not only get more from your travelling but also Enjoy the Moment that you will cherish forever.

Saemundur Amundason

Owner / Very Slow Person

We are a small travel agency that specializes in nature and authentic experience tourism. SlowIceland promotes products and services of companies and individuals that operate socially aware and environmentally responsible tourism to travelers abroad as well as operating our own self drive tours based around the ideal behind Slow Travel.


Mega Mascot and fan of Arctic Sea Swimming

Join us in celebration of all things Slow

We offer a wide range of tours that are based around the notion of Slow Travel, where you spend time enjoying meeting and getting to know the locals and where you really get close to nature where you stay.  If you want to get information about all our latest tours please don´t hesitate to put your email below. 

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