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Why You’ll Love Our Tours

All our tours are tailor made to suit your wishes and while we offer a wide range of truly unforgettable itineraries and carefully selected partners around Iceland, every tour is about YOU. Whether it is for groups, friends, family or special interests tours, we will show you the highlights and hidden gems of Iceland, the history of its people and their hospitality!

Our Mission

SlowIceland is a small travel agency that specializes in nature and authentic experience tourism. We see our role as to promote products and services of local travel companies that operate socially aware and environmentally responsible tourism to travelers abroad as well as operating our own self drive tours based around the ideal behind Slow Travel.

By choosing us, you are supporting local business and making a positive contribution to rural communities in Iceland. The travel agency is family owned and run, meaning that we stay local and live in the communities that you visit through us.

Our Tours

All our tours are tailor made to fit your interests and desires but we have a selection of our most popular destinations and sample tours to help start planning the dream holiday in Iceland. There are a wide range of tours that are based around the notion of Slow Travel, where you spend time meeting and getting to know the locals and where you really get close to the nature where you stay. 

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